The New Minister of Tenrikyo Mission New York Center Installed

On June 5, Tenrikyo Mission New York Center observed the installation service for its eighth minister, Rev. Yoichi Fukui, with Bishop Hiroshi Fukaya of the Mission Headquarters in America attending as a guest of honor. A total of 95 followers gathered for the special occasion.

Following the performance of the service, Bishop Fukaya delivered the sermon. First, he announced the appointment of Rev. Fukui as head of the center, effective May 26, and expressed his expectations for the new minister. Saying that we human beings can lose sight of the need to work with our own minds upon receiving official titles, Rev. Fukaya explained the frame of mind that is required of the minister in light of the teaching of the dust of the mind and emphasized the importance of becoming single-hearted with God.

He moved on to talk about the beginnings of the New York Center, which was established as a branch of the Mission Headquarters in America in 1977. Quoting from the Shinbashira’s New Year’s address, he said that the Tenrikyo community would soon start its “three years, one thousand days” activities leading up to the 140th Anniversary of Oyasama, which would be observed in 2026. Bishop Fukaya asked the congregation to keep Oyasama’s anniversary in mind while working to prepare for the 90th anniversary of the Mission Headquarters in America, scheduled for 2024, as well as the 50th anniversary of the New York Center to be marked in 2027.

In closing his sermon, Rev. Fukaya said that everything that happens contains the unwavering parental love of God the Parent and that this is true even of occurrences where it seems difficult to perceive the intention of God the Parent. He quoted a passage from the Besseki lecture that explains joyous acceptance and encouraged the listeners to cultivate skills in accepting things joyously and perceiving God the Parent’s parental love.

After the sermon, Rev. Fukui shared his thoughts on his appointment. Following the service, a lunch reception was held outside.

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