Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day Observed in Many Parts of the World

On April 29, the annual Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day was conducted in Japan and many parts of the world with the theme: “Let us carry out hinokishin in unity of mind and make repayment with a sense of gratitude—Let us participate with our families.” The overseas venues included those in 22 countries and regions, where participants worked up a good sweat in unity of mind to make repayment for God’s blessings.

This event is a culmination of daily hinokishin activities carried out by Yoboku and followers of the path, with the word “hinokishin” referring to selfless and thankful action performed to make repayment for God’s complete providence. In light of this year marking the 90th anniversary of this event, churches, dioceses, and chapters made concerted efforts to send invitations to all Yoboku asking them for participation.

At each venue, a message from Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs Zensuke Nakata was read out by a representative. In his message, Rev. Nakata said: “God the Parent will firmly accept our sincerity when we perform hinokishin in a manner that is free of greed. This practice of faith is indispensable for living the Joyous Life and can be done by anyone, anytime, and anywhere—not only in churches but also at home, at work, and so on—as long as there is a sense of gratitude.” He also said: “Let us take this opportunity to reaffirm the original meaning of hinokishin so that we can increase our efforts to put it into daily practice. Furthermore, let us continue to proactively participate in local activities to deepen our bonds with others in the Tenrikyo community while helping and encouraging one another as we make progress in our spiritual growth.”

Families and individuals spiritedly engaged in hinokishin in public places, churches, or areas around followers’ houses, while taking preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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