All-User Restrooms Newly Built at Foundress’ Hall 3

Two all-user restrooms have been newly built on the second floor of Foundress’ Hall 3. They are accessible from the Corridor without using the elevators or stairs during the hours when the Inner Courtyard is open to the public.

The equipment in the new restrooms varies from one to the other and includes a baby chair and a fold down bench that can be used as a diaper and clothes change table. One of the restrooms is designed to meet the need of ostomy patients as well.

Meanwhile, the restrooms on the first floor of Foundress’ Hall 3 have been renovated to be wheelchair friendly. Obstacles on their floor were removed, and the squat toilets were all replaced with Western-style ones.

Currently, all-user restrooms are available at four locations within the Sanctuary precincts including the west basement entrance.

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