From Shiawase o yobu kokoro by Eiji Ozaki: The Truth of Arising Occurrences (4)

On the Path of the Heart, Everything Comes to Bear on the Self


Says a Divine Direction:


Sah, this path is a path for the mind alone, the mind alone. I cannot tell you to do this or that. Though I cannot tell you, listen and understand well. With human beings, the body is a thing borrowed, a thing lent. The mind alone is the truth of oneself.

Osashizu, June 1, 1900


The body is on loan from God the Parent, the mind alone being allowed as ours. It is our state of mind that determines what blessings we can receive. The conditions of the body, as well as the situations in which we find ourselves, invariably reflect our states of mind. This is due to God the Parent’s perfect workings, where there is “not even a single error in a thousand.”


All humankind, everything depends on the heart of each of you. Know that Tsukihi is discerning it.



To Tsukihi, who can see everything in this world, nothing is unknown.



Wherever you may be, Tsukihi clearly sees your innermost heart.

If your innermost heart accords with the mind of Tsukihi, I shall exert Myself in your favor forever.



God the Parent sees the innermost hearts of all of us throughout the world and provides for us accordingly. Therefore, when our innermost heart accords with God’s intention, God will guide us along the path toward brightness, always standing firm for us, come what may.

We read in the Ofudesaki:


Know that Tsukihi rules over everything in this world without exception.

VII: 11


As it is Tsukihi who rules over all, never say that this is large or that is small.



The world is under the exquisite rule and complete workings of God the Parent. Each day of our lives, God the Parent is providing for us in ways that are appropriate for our own states of mind. There is no mistake in God the Parent’s providence.

We are taught:


God’s path is the path of the heart. As for the world’s path, you can get away with anything you do, provided that it passes unnoticed. On the path of the heart, however, everything comes to bear on the self.

Osashizu, January 27, 1891


People have a general tendency to behave selfishly, perhaps thinking: “There is nothing wrong with doing what I like to do so long as it passes unnoticed by others,” or, “So long as it goes unnoticed for now, it should be all right.” One might be able to get away with such behavior temporarily without creating any trouble for oneself. Yet, this universe being the bosom of God, we are in the constant care of God’s providence, which, for us, always unfolds exactly according to our state of mind. Even if one thinks that one managed to get away with doing something and even if it seems that way for the moment, ultimately that action will duly be reflected in our world—which is like a mirror—precisely in accord with one’s own state of mind. Thus it is said, “On the path of the heart, everything comes to bear on the self.” That is why we are told:


The thought that all is well if the present is well for the self alone, is entirely mistaken.



On today’s path, actions motivated by a human mind may end in a settling for the occasion. [Yet,] all agitation of the human mind will cause dissatisfaction.

Osashizu, June 21, 1890

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