Tenrikyo Followers Participate in the Assembly of Prayer for Peace in Okinawa

On August 15, the 10th Assembly of Prayer for Peace was held at the Okinawa Peace Memorial Hall in Mabuni, Okinawa, sponsored by an association consisting of the representatives of 13 religious organizations in Okinawa. About 1,000 people including religious leaders participated in the assembly.

The association has been sponsoring the Assembly of Prayer for Peace since 1991 to pay a tribute to the memory of the war victims and pray for the realization of everlasting peace. More than 200 followers, including Administrative Affairs Department Head Yoshihiko Yasuno and the head ministers of churches in Okinawa, participated in the event. At the opening ceremony, Okinawa Diocese Superintendent Kunizo Yamaguchi took the podium and said: “The 20th century, which saw many atrocities, is about to end. Now, reaching the 21st century, we shall put the teachings into practice, offer prayer every day, and preach the dignity of life. We held nine assemblies in the past and, as if in answer to our prayers, the leaders of the G8 countries gathered in Okinawa last July and had a summit to discuss world peace. Now, let us do something in our families, in our communities, and in our country for the realization of true peace.” A musical concert and a silent prayer followed Rev. Yamaguchi’s address. Professor emeritus Kazuo Murakami of Tsukuba University, a Yoboku who belongs to Norinohi Branch Church, also delivered a speech in commemoration of the 10th assembly.

Prior to the assembly, Okinawa Diocese Young Men’s Association, Students Association, and young members of the Women’s Association took charge of preparing the venue.

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