Tenrikyo UK Centre Opened i n London

A ceremony was held on May 7 to mark the official opening of Tenrikyo UK Centre, located in Wembley, a London suburb. Attending the ceremony were about 50 people, including Overseas Department Head Yoshikazu Terada and Europe Centre Head Noriaki Nagao.

The ceremony commenced with the seated service, followed by the Dance with Hand Movements to the accompaniment of the singing of the Eight Verses of the Yorozuyo and the Twelve Songs.

Rev. Terada then took the podium to deliver an address. Besides touching upon the history of Tenrikyo’s mission in the United Kingdom, he spoke on the significance of opening this facility. “Please dedicate your sincere and steady efforts in a unity of mind,” he said, “so as to allow this Centre to serve fully as a place where you can seek the truth of the path and where you can help and encourage one another to share the delight of the Joyous Life with people who live in the United Kingdom.”

The new UK Centre will be headed by Rev. Tomoharu Matsui, who was presented with a letter of appointment following Rev. Terada’s address. Rev. Matsui then spoke to the congregation, expressing his commitment to fulfilling his duties.

Later, the participants posed for photographs and enjoyed one another’s company at a party held in the garden.

The UK Centre’s monthly services will take place on the first Sunday of each month.

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