March Monthly Service Performed

On March 26, Tenrikyo Church Headquarters conducted the March Monthly Service, comprising the Kagura and the Dance with Hand Movements, in the Main Sanctuary, with many followers joining together in joyously singing the songs for the Service.

That morning, it was 8°C and occasionally rainy in the Home of the Parent, and there was a cold wind blowing through the precincts. Some followers even took cover under the eaves of the corridor. Since the Monthly Service fell on Sunday during the spring break, it drew many families as well as young people who also participated in the fife-and-drum-band leaders training session, sponsored by the Boys and Girls Association, or the events of the Students Association.

On behalf of all followers, the Shinbashira read the prayer aloud to commence the Service. He said: “All of us Yoboku, including the Service performers and the church head ministers, are determined to take advantage of this season to do the actual work as Yoboku by assuming responsibility for our individual positions and tasks. We shall devote ourselves to single-heartedness with God, as shown in the Divine Model, and promote missionary activities as well.”

Following the Service, Honbu-in Keiichiro Moroi delivered the sermon. He said, “Our thankfulness to God the Parent for being in this path, which wells up from the bottom of our heart, is itself proof of world salvation.” He explained the first song of the Kagura by way of example and went on to say: “I firmly believe that we are able to appreciate being in this path in any situation. Calling out to God the Parent and Oyasama in praise is an important element in making steady progress toward world salvation.”

Honbu-in Moroi concluded his sermon by referring to Tenri Seminary, which reached the centennial anniversary of its founding in April. He said, “In regard to studying the teachings of Tenrikyo, the more you study, the more you appreciate being in this path. I think this appreciation is going to be the great strength for world salvation.”

On the following day, March 27, Church Headquarters conducted the Spring Memorial Service. With the Shinbashira as the chief officiant, the Service performers performed the Dance with the Hand Movements, which comprises the Yorozuyo and the Twelve Songs. Thereafter, the ceremony at the Memorial Hall was performed. The Shinbashira said in his eulogy, “Needless to say, it is because of God the Parent’s blessings that this path has been making progress and the teachings have been spreading ever farther year by year, but it is also due to our predecessors’ sincere efforts and perseverance in overcoming difficulties in all situations.” The participants paid tribute to their predecessors’ achievements and promised to carry the path forward.

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