Education and Nurture Department Established

On April 1, the Education and Nurture Department was tentatively established under the jurisdiction of Tenrikyo Administrative Headquarters. The establishment of this new department aims to expand and improve Church Headquarters’ education support system that is intended to benefit all followers including church head ministers and young people.

Especially since the announcement of Instruction One in 1998, the construction of an education support system that enables all Yoboku and followers to make further spiritual growth has been one of the most important issues to Tenrikyo. At the same time, making sincere efforts to nurture active Yoboku as well as guide followers is the most important task that Tenrikyo has to work on in anticipation of the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama to be conducted in 2006. After holding intensive discussions led by the Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs, a proposal to establish the Education and Nurture Department was presented to the Assembly held on March 27 and was unanimously accepted.

The Education and Nurture Department consists of two sections: Training Course Section, which was transferred from the Mission Department, as well as Planning Section, which was newly established in conjunction with the establishment of this new department.

This tentative organization is expected to be finalized in about a year; thereupon the Constitution of Tenrikyo is to be amended accordingly.

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