Tenrikyo Terminology—Excerpt from Tenrikyo Jiten: “Pondering” (Shian)

Pondering indicates thinking carefully and deeply. The very last verse of the Ofudesaki, The Tip of the Writing Brush, says:

I earnestly request each and everyone of you to ponder deeply over these teaching.


It may be inferred from this verse that God’s intention is described in the Ofudesaki in such a way that human beings are capable of understanding it if they ponder. Here, to ponder does not refer to thinking in terms of human thoughts and ideas while ignoring what has been taught by God (that kind of thinking is, in fact, referred to as the self-centered imagination, which is to be rejected). In order to understand the teachings revealed by God, one must ponder in the light of God’s teachings and workings. It is important to settle the mind based on this pondering and make sure that one’s decisions flow from that.

Now ponder! From now you must replace your mind. It will not do, not to ponder and resolve!

Ofudesaki XVI:79

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