September Monthly Service Performed

The September Monthly Service of Church Headquarters was solemnly conducted on the 26th with the Shinbashira presiding. Followers who had returned from various parts of the world prayed together with the Shinbashira for world peace and joined in singing the songs for the Service.

In his prayer to God the Parent, the Shinbashira quoted from the Ofudesaki: “If you quickly unite your minds and do the Service correctly, the world will settle.” (XIV:92) Thereupon he asked God the Parent to become spirited by seeing the Service performed in high spirits so that the whole world would settle in peace. Concerning the Head Ministers Seminar in Oyasato, which came to a conclusion in September, he expressed his gratitude to God that all church head ministers were able to bathe in the truth of the Jiba, strengthen their mutual ties, and resolve anew to make spirited strides in their efforts of single-hearted salvation. The Shinbashira also said that, although the truth of sincerity of each individual is small, by combining all people’s sincerity, we could establish the truth of the Joyous Life that eternally endures. Following the Shinbashira’s prayer, the Kagura and the Teodori were performed.

Honbu-in Yoshikazu Matsumura delivered the sermon. Rev. Matsumura started his sermon with his experience as the Director-in-Chief of Religious Affairs of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters, the position he had held for three years until spring of this year. He then expressed his thoughts on the words “settle within,” which the second Shinbashira often stressed around 1936. He explained that “settle within” means to settle not only the nation, home, and body, but also the mind, and said that the second Shinbashira thus taught us the importance of settling the mind in order to serve as Oyasama’s instruments. He then referred to the Head Ministers Seminar in Oyasato, saying, “The participants devoted themselves to the training so as to review their positions and be aware of and engage in the task with which they are entrusted by the Parent.” Also, concerning the role of Yoboku, Rev. Matsumura stated that the path of Yoboku consists in conveying Oyasama’s teachings, administering the Sazuke—thus feeling God the Parent’s working themselves—and guiding people to the point where they are also able to work for the salvation of others.

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