Installation Service for New Bishop of Mission Headquarters in Taiwan

The installation service for the 12th bishop of Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in Taiwan, Honbu-jun’in Takenori Hashimoto, was held from 10 a.m. on August 12 with the presence of Overseas Department Head Yoshiaki Mihama. More than 800 followers from all parts of the island attended the service.

After the service prayer had been delivered by Bishop Hashimoto, Rev. Mihama addressed the congregation. He said: “A mission headquarters has the truth of a church name. It is also to serve as the core for providing care and guidance to followers in the region.” He encouraged all the participants to pledge “to make today a new departure point to work hard and save others” and requested them “to rally around the new bishop in this season to promote world salvation.”

He then read a congratulatory message that had been sent by the Shinbashira. The message read, “I should like all of you to make further efforts to realize the construction of the Joyous Life World in a unity of mind and maintain a stance of faith that is single-hearted with God.”

After the service, Bishop Hashimoto delivered his address and said, “I would like to have repeated discussions on any subject with fellow followers and walk the path of single-hearted salvation together, always keeping in mind the truth of the Jiba.”

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