Amautashi 雨うたし/雨打たし

exposed to (the) rain; exposed to (the) weather

  • かんろだいの真上の天井には「かんろだいは雨うたし」とのご教示により、一間四方の天窓があけられています。An opening (about 6 feet square) was left in the ceiling above the Kanrodai to leave it directly under the sky, based on the instruction that ʻthe Kanrodai is exposed to the rain’” (Yoboku’s Guide to Tenrikyo, pp. 122–123). (cf. Osashizu, May 30, 1907)

  • 開筵式を目指して、元治元年に建築されたつとめ場所の南側に、それまで雨打たしのまま屋外にあったかんろだいを取り込んで参拝場が増築され、屋内で参拝させて頂けるようになりました。A worship hall annex was built on the south side of the Place for the Service which had been built in 1864. The annex enclosed the Kanrodai which had, until that time, been exposed to the weather, and allowed the followers to worship indoors for the first time (Guidepost, pp. 16-17).
  • 形のふしんとしては、神殿を中心に南北に礼拝場を配置し、四方正面の第一歩が踏み出され、雛型かんろだいを露天に据え、雨打たしにして信仰の中心、礼拝の対象を明らかにしたのであります。即ち、現在の神殿とかんろだいの模様が定まったのが、この五十年祭を前にした時だったのです。The physical structures as they now stand consist of the Worship Halls north and south of the Main Sanctuary, the first steps in the realization of a sanctuary of God the Parent with four fronts. The model Kanrodai was erected in the open air exposed to the weather, clearly marking the center of faith and the place toward which we direct our worship. It was just before the Fiftieth Anniversary that the Kanrodai and the present Main Sanctuary were built as they are now. (Guidepost, pp. 61-62).
  • 「ぢば」を取り囲んだ形で、その上方は、屋根一間四方を抜いて雨打たしにして増築された。[A]n extension was added to the south side of the Place for the Service, thereby enclosing Jiba within the building. The roof above Jiba had a square opening measuring 1.8 meters (6 ft.) on each side. (A Glossary of Tenrikyo Terms, p. 190)
  • そして前回の据え替えから十六年近くたち⋯⋯損傷のほか、雨ざらしになっていたことによる傷みなど考え、この際、新しく据え替えさせていただく⋯⋯[N]early 16 years have passed since the present model Kanrodai was installed. I have, therefore, decided to take this opportunity to replace it in view of the damage done to it, not only through the incident in question, but through being exposed to weather over these years.
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