Osaka Diocese Organizes a Group Pilgrimage of 12,000 followers

Yoboku from Osaka Diocese successfully accomplished their missionary visits to all 3,300,000 households in Osaka Prefecture within three years. On March 25, some 12,000 followers from Osaka Diocese made a pilgrimage to Jiba to express their appreciation for the accomplishment and to unite for their future activities. After their service performance, the Shinbashira gave a talk about the importance of maintaining close ties through diocese activities regardless of various church affiliations. After noting Osaka’s geographical benefit of being fairly close to Jiba, the Shinbashira encouraged them to redouble their activities to bring the Joyous Life to their communities, while taking full advantage of living close to one another in the same diocese. Following the Shinbashira’s talk, the superintendent of Osaka Diocese addressed the congregation, urging further efforts to sprinkle the fragrance of the teachings on all residents of Osaka. This pilgrimage ended with the singing of the Yorozuyo in unison.

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