Excerpts from Tenrikyo Jiten: “Moderation” (Tsutsushimi)

Appearing in the Osashizu, The Divine Directions, this term indicates exercising moderation in thoughts and actions. Specifically, it refers to calming one’s agitated mind and ensuring that selfish thoughts do not arise. We read:

Moderation is truth; moderation is the path. Moderation is the primary truth for the world. Moderation is a broad path.

Osashizu, January 14, 1892


The mind of moderation is the basis. What is called clarity comes from the mind of moderation.

Osashizu, May 19, 1895

This is not to encourage avoiding the effort of mind or body on account of exercising moderation; that is warned against. Another Direction says:

Letting the mind wander here and there, you think that this degree of moderation would be appropriate for all or that you should say no more than this. That is how you have been exercising moderation. Yet, you do not need a single trace of human thinking!

Osashizu, November 14, 1888

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