Excerpts from Tenrikyo Jiten: “Human Thinking” (Ningen-gogoro)

Tenrikyo uses the term “human thinking” (or “human thought” or “human mind”)–as contrasted with the mind of “single-heartedness with God”–to refer to human beings’ selfish use of the mind.

Human beings, as the following verse implies, have the tendency to think only of what is before one’s eyes.

The minds of human beings are indeed shallow. You talk only about things already visible.

Ofudesaki III:115

Human thinking is seen as the cause of all sufferings and troubles experienced by human beings, as indicated by the following passage from a Divine Direction: “Listen and understand well! Your sufferings and troubles stem from your human thinking” (Osashizu, December 8, 1889). Another passage teaches that human thinking–which is considered impure because it has other things mixed with it–prevents us from accurately understanding God’s intention or settling the mind: “You do not understand because of your human thinking, whereby you have mixed things into the mind from here and there” (Osashizu, April 20, 1890).

Furthermore, we are told: “The world is clouded by the principle of human thinking” (Osashizu, February 1, 1897). Human thinking, which is thus taught as clouding the world, does not accord with God the Parent’s mind.

We read, moreover:

Upholding your human thinking dilutes the truth of God. What kind of providence will remain if you dilute the truth of God? Understand clearly!

Osashizu, January 19, 1898

It may be said, as this passage implies, that human thinking is not conducive to receiving the providence of God the Parent.

From now, no human thinking will be necessary. You must, from now on, uphold the path of single-heartedness with God. This you must uphold.

Osashizu, October 23, 1889

This passage teaches that it is essential to completely let go of one’s human thinking and base oneself firmly on the faith that is single-hearted with God.

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