Action Day for “Heart-Clean Campaign”

The Action Day for the “Heart-Clean Campaign” was observed on Sunday, July 7. Clean-up hinokishin activities were held at 467 locations throughout Japan under the slogan, “Let’s come together in thankfulness for the blessings and engage in hinokishin with fellow members.”

Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association has been promoting the “Heart-Clean Campaign” for 16 years. This campaign centers around clean-up hinokishin conducted in each district mainly by the members of the Young Men’s Association once every month. The first Sunday of July is the Action Day for the campaign. The purpose of this activity is to let participants share the joy of hinokishin with fellow members and reflect that joy in their communities, to rediscover members of the association through active invitation by each district, and to enrich the substance of community-based activities.

On the Action Day for the campaign, the Shinbashira, who is also the president of Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association, paid a visit to Osaka diocese. He was guided by Osaka Diocese Chapter Chairman Daiichi Umetani around three of the 26 hinokishin sites in Osaka diocese.

On the afternoon of that day, the Shinbashira gave an address to chairmen of district chapters at the Osaka Diocese Administration Office. He talked about how the Heart-Clean Campaign started and then clarified the significance of hinokishin, saying, “Hinokishin is one of the important points to implement if we are to practice the teachings of the path.” He stressed the importance of the campaign, saying: “You may lose faith if you forget to practice the teachings. Participating in such an event even once a month is important for maintaining faith.” Regarding the purpose of the campaign, he said, “You should invite the followers who tend to drift away from the path so that as many people as possible can gather and turn the event into an opportunity to give fresh thought to the teaching of hinokishin.”

The Shinbashira also talked about the activities of diocese chapters. After referring to the history and the aim of dioceses themselves, he said, “Your role as leaders of the diocese chapter is to nurture all the members of your chapter so that every member can make spiritual growth without exception.” He also said that he hoped the Heart-Clean Campaign would help the followers start getting involved in the events of their churches and dioceses as well so that they can advance even one or two steps forward. He expressed his expectations for chairmen of district chapters to fulfill their role as supporters of participants in the event. He said: “Taking on a role is to accept God the Parent’s expectation for it. I would like each of you to serve as a chairman with firm resolution to fulfill your given roles.”




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