Announcement: Cancellation of Tenrikyo Nioigake Day 2020

New infections of the novel coronavirus are still reported from many regions every day, making it essential that we continue to take the measures to curb the further spread of the virus.

We have therefore come to a decision to cancel this year’s “Tenrikyo Nioigake Day,” which we usually hold during the three-day period between September 28 and 30 when all Yoboku make a concerted effort to sprinkle the fragrance of the teachings around the country.

Even though the annual “Nioigake Day” has been canceled, the fact remains that there are many people waiting for help in the current state of society. Therefore, we would like to ask each of you to do what you can individually to help those around you as part of your missionary and salvation work.

July 8, 2020 (Tenrikyo 183)

Tenrikyo Church Headquarters

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