2019 Entrance Ceremonies Held at Schools in Jiba

With cherry blossoms in full bloom, entrance ceremonies of Tenrikyo schools were conducted in the Home of the Parent. A total of 2,069 students embarked on their new school life in Jiba. Tenri University held its ceremony on April 1 and welcomed 811 new students; Shiraume Dormitory (a dormitory for young women studying to become preschool teachers) on April 2 with 30 students; Tenri Healthcare University on April 3 with 109 students; Tenri Seminary on April 5 with 78 students; Tenri High School’s Evening Course on April 5 with 98 students; Tenri Elementary School on April 6 with 102 students; Tenri Kyoko Gakuen High School on April 6 with 184 students; Tenri Language Institute on April 6 with 58 students; Tenri High School’s Day Course on April 7 with 403 students; Tenri Junior High School on April 8 with 154 students; and Tenri Kindergarten on April 10 with 42 students.

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