Nepal Renrakusho Relocates

On September 15, Nepal Renrakusho held the monthly service in commemoration of its relocation to new premises and the completion of its new sanctuary in the presence of Rev. Zenkichi Tanaka, head of the Overseas Department. A total of 120 followers were in attendance. The decision to relocate to the new premises about 500 meters (about 1,640 feet) west of the old location was made due to the growing congregation in Nepal. The new sanctuary was built through the efforts of all the followers and took about three months to complete. On the night before the monthly service, the enshrinement ceremony was conducted with Rev. Tanaka serving as chief officiant.

Following the monthly service, Rev. Tanaka gave a few words saying, “I ask that you all work in unity of mind, so that this facility will be blessed with content befitting the new sanctuary.” He went on to say, “I hope that all of you here will make further efforts to progress in spiritual growth, thereby bringing joy to God the Parent and Oyasama, and to pass down the faith to the next generation by sprinkling the fragrance of the teachings and engaging in salvation work.”

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