May 2018 Monthly Service

The May Monthly Service of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters was performed on the 26th in the Main Sanctuary with the Shinbashira presiding as chief officiant.

In the Service prayer, the Shinbashira said: “All of us Service performers as well as church head ministers and other Yoboku will guard against being swept along by the increasing chaos of the world, keep in mind the Divine Model at all times, and take the initiative to sweep away the dust of the mind, thus following the path of purifying the mind. We are also determined to earnestly engage in salvation work by implementing whatever we can to help save others instead of just praying for divine favors for ourselves or our own families.”

The prayer was followed by the joyous performance of the Kagura Service and the Dance with Hand Movements.

After the Service performance, Honbu-in Chutaro Yamanaka took the podium to deliver the sermon.
Rev. Yamanaka spoke at some length about the truth of the Service as well as the parental love with which Oyasama guided us as we worked towards the completion of the Service. Based on the physical structure of our body, Rev. Yamanaka explained that our body is always being kept alive in the boundless blessings of God the Parent. He also encouraged us to follow the path of making repayment for God the Parent’s blessings in unity of mind by earnestly and sincerely performing the service, which calls forth all kinds of blessings and workings of God the Parent.

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