This Month’s Message: Natural Spontaneity

Oyasama often said:


“This path cannot be followed by human thinking. It is the path that is being formed by the law of nature.”

Anecdotes of Oyasama, no. 17, “The Law of Nature”


A long time ago, in Warring States China there was an expert cook called Pao Ding. He once said: “If an unskilled cook butchers a cow, his cleaver will be badly chipped in only a month. This is because he cuts the bones. Even a skilled cook replaces his cleaver once a year. This is because he cuts the sinews. However, I do not allow the blade to cut any bone or sinew. Instead, I run my cleaver along the bones and sinews. So the edge of my cleaver remains as keen as when it was first sharpened.”

The world unfolds according to the laws of nature—or, as we might say, according to the divine truth. The secret to the Joyous Life is to live in accord with the divine truth.

Going against this truth to get our way is like chipping away at our own being; we may end up like the unskilled cook’s cleaver. Or to use another analogy, it is like swimming against the river current at the risk of being swept away. We might become exhausted and drown. There is no point in resisting this truth.

Although living in accord with the divine truth may sound like a controlled lifestyle, it is, in fact, the most reliable way to ensure that we can live in freedom.

What we call “the divine truth” is the intention that God the Parent expresses through natural and social occurrences as well as other things that happen in the world. That intention was conveyed by Oyasama in Her role as the Shrine of God by using human language.

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