Tenrikyo’s Official Website Renewed

Tenrikyo’s official website has recently been refreshed with a new design to improve user experience. Besides being easy to navigate, the site provides more information than ever before on many aspects of Tenrikyo that may be of interest to potential users. This renewal has been made possible by the joint efforts of Tenrikyo Doyusha Publishing Company and the Overseas Department.

By exploring such sections as Teachings, History, Faith, Activities (sub-sections: healthcare, education, and social welfare), and News, the visitors can familiarize themselves with some of the essential features of Tenrikyo. If more interested, they can directly contact the overseas mission headquarters and mission centers by using the contact information that has been newly added.

The website is also intended to help followers advance their efforts to share the teachings with others. Short essays posted in the Faith section are downloadable and, if printed on both sides of paper, they can be used as pamphlets. Also, this website is compatible with smartphones and tablets so followers can access it, for example, while out sprinkling the fragrance of the teachings.

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