Tenri University Establishes Tenri EU Studies Association (TESA)

Tenri University recently founded Tenri EU Studies Association (TESA), with Dr. Hideaki Sakamoto, professor of Russian Studies at Tenri University, as its first president. TESA’s mission is to research European and Eurasian affairs. To mark the founding of the association, a commemorative lecture was given on December 6 at the Tenri University Furusato Assembly Hall. The lecture was also intended to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the European Economic Community (EEC) as well as the 10th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol, which calls for reductions in the emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that are linked to global warming.

Dr. Gerold Amelung, German consul general in Osaka-Kobe, Japan, gave a commemorative lecture entitled “Environmental Protection Policies of Germany and the European Union–Global Warming Prevention and European Union Standard.”

Dr. Amelung opened his lecture by saying that Germany has been one of the leaders among the EU member states as well as one of the leading nations in the field of environmental protection. He shared some of Germany’s proactive measures for the protection of the environment and the prevention of global warming.

One of Germany’s concrete goals addressing its domestic environmental issues is that of doubling the energy output from renewable energy sources such as sunlight and wind. By significantly increasing the share of renewable energy in gross electricity consumption, Germany aims to achieve a 40% reduction in the total carbon dioxide emissions by 2020.

Before closing his lecture, Dr. Amelung emphasized that the Earth’s environment is in crisis. He said: “Japan, being one of the major economic powers, carries a significant responsibility in addressing environmental issues. I would like to see Japan and Germany cooperate more at technological as well as economic levels so that we can tackle the environmental issues and find solutions to these issues together.”

Prior to his lecture, Dr. Amelung made a courtesy visit to Tenri University President Taketo Hashimoto. During the visit, Dr. Amelung said: “Tenri University is renowned for its extensive international exchange programs. I am truly honored to visit such a highly regarded institution.”

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