Boys and Girls Association Announces Prize for Best Performance by Fife and Drum Corps

On August 10, the Boys and Girls Association held its committee meeting and chose Honshibafusa Fife and Drum Corps (belonging to Honriyo Grand Church) as the best band out of the 363 bands, comprising 16,083 members altogether, that participated in the “Fife and Drum Corps on Parade” during this year’s Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba. The award ceremony took place on August 26.

Honshibafusa Fife and Drum Corps was organized in 1989 and has since participated in events such as local festivals and festivals for the disabled. The corps’ weekly practices incorporate sermons and hinokishin in the hope that its members can nurture faith through the corps’ activities.

Rev. Shigeo Tanizawa, head minister of Honshibafusa Branch Church, said: “We have engaged in the fife and drum corps activities in conformity with the second Shinbashira’s intention in establishing the Boys and Girls Association. Seeing many of the members become Yoboku through the activities, I strongly feel that the Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba is a wonderful opportunity to nurture children. I am very grateful that the corps has received such a prize as a result of the efforts its members made in unity of mind.”

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