Overseas Seminar for Successors Launched in UK

The Overseas Department will be sponsoring the Overseas Seminar for Successors regionally at mission headquarters, centers, and other facilities around the world in conjunction with the Seminar for Successors in Jiba. The first session was held at Tenrikyo UK Centre in London between August 25 and 27, drawing 16 participants. Entitled “Tenrikyo UK Youth Seminar 2007,” it was a three-day program based on the Seminar for Successors.

Participants had the opportunity to attend lectures, discussions, and practice sessions for the service dance and the musical instruments, and they engaged in hinokishin. Rev. Hinao Nagao, Chief of the Overseas Department’s Human Resources Development Section, came from Jiba as a guest instructor. Guest lecturers included Mr. Michael Yuge, administrative director of Tenri Cultural Institute in New York, as well as Mr. Nobuyuki Takeuchi, head of Kyokushi London Mission Station. Discussion topics ranged from “The day of origin of my faith” to “What does it mean to be a Yoboku in the 21st century?” Participants also watched videos on how the path has been faring overseas in recent years.

On the last day, Rev. Nagao presented participants with a certificate of completion and a commemorative gift. Comments by the participants included, “The seminar gave me hints on how to convey the teachings of the path to others,” and “It was stimulating to know what followers are doing in other countries.” The Overseas Seminar for Successors is scheduled to be held at 22 venues in 20 countries and regions through spring 2008.

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