Mission Headquarters in America Launches “Tenrikyo Three Day Course”

From May 26 to 28, Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in America, located in Los Angeles, held its first “Tenrikyo Three Day Course”–which is part of the educational and nurturing system that it is developing and strengthening in North America.

The new three-day program is designed to provide the next step after the “Joy Workshop,” which, launched at the mission headquarters in February 2006, is an introductory workshop for those who have little or no knowledge of the path. The creation of programs such as “Tenrikyo Basics Course” and “Three Day Course” in recent years at the Home of the Parent led to proposals that similar educational and nurturing courses for followers and Yoboku should also be set up in North America. The mission headquarters spent several years planning and developing its own corresponding programs, which resulted in the “Joy Workshop” and “Tenrikyo Three Day Course” held at the mission headquarters.

The course was attended by 11 participants between their twenties and sixties, including seven who had previously completed the “Joy Workshop.” The course comprises lectures on the basic teachings, the practice of the dance and musical instruments for the service, hinokishin activities, and group discussion sessions. Experienced church head ministers and fellowship heads from the diocese served as instructors and helped participants deepen their understanding of the teachings.

After completing the three-day course, some participants made comments such as: “I was able to learn about the teachings systematically,” “I felt a bit uneasy at first, but we got to know and understand one another pretty well during the discussion sessions,” and “I would definitely like to participate in the America Spiritual Development Course.”

The mission headquarters plans to hold the Three Day Course once a year. The launch of this course represents further progress in enriching the diocese’s educational and nurturing system, which also includes the Joy Workshop and the America Spiritual Development Course.

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