Joyous Life Lecture Held in Oceania

Joyous Life Lectures were given at six locations in Australia and New Zealand between March 1 and 11. The lectures are mainly designed to introduce and explain the teachings to beginners and non-followers. A total of 110 people attended the six lectures.

Rev. Takaharu Ichise, chief of the North America and Oceania Section of the Overseas Department, served as the lecturer. Rev. Ichise posed the question, “How can we lead a happy life?” and explained the meaning of the Joyous Life through concrete examples which included his personal experiences.

Venues for the Joyous Life Lecture included Wellington (March 1; six participants), Beautiful New Zealand Mission Station in Auckland (March 2; 11 participants), Tono Sydney Mission (March 4; 21 participants), Perth (March 5; 16 participants), and Tenrikyo Oceania Centre in Brisbane (March 10; 32 participants), and finally Melbourne Shinyu Church (March 11; 24 participants).

The venue for the lecture in Perth, located on the southwestern coast of Australia, was a follower’s home. Despite the fact that the temperature exceeded 40ºC (104ºF), 16 participants attended the lecture.

At Tenrikyo Oceania Centre, many non-Japanese followers invited their friends and family to the lecture, revealing a positive trend in recent years. The lecture at Oceania Centre, which had the most participants, was followed by a tea ceremony workshop.

Rev. Ichise, cheif of North America and Oceania Section of the Overseas Department, giving a lecture at the venue in Perth (Mar. 5)

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