International Cultural Seminar Inspires Pioneers of the Path

Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association Headquarters sponsored its 19th International Cultural Seminar on April 26 at Moya 38.

This seminar sought to heighten the members’ awareness of the overseas mission and provide them with an overview of the association’s activities being conducted abroad. The annual event drew 295 people, including 219 association members.

Association Headquarters Overseas Section Head Koichiro Miyata first delivered the opening remarks. He then made a presentation on the association’s overseas activities and asked the association’s leaders and members for their understanding and cooperation.

Under the theme “Teachings of the Path Unfolding Overseas,” this year’s seminar included lectures by Kyokushi London Mission Station Head Nobuyuki Takeuchi (U.K.) and Cianorte Church Head Minister Yoshikazu Kimura (Brazil), who spoke in Japanese and Portuguese, respectively.

Mr. Takeuchi stressed, “Before you become suddenly ambitious and highly energetic for carrying out missionary work in overseas countries, you first need to make a conscious effort to sow seeds of sincerity.” He went on to say, “Maintaining relationships with local people representing different cultural backgrounds will nurture your mind.” He concluded his lecture by saying, “Since the teachings of Tenrikyo aim at world salvation, the overseas mission is indispensable for us.”

Next, Rev. Kimura shared with the listeners the day of origin of his faith and personal experiences. “Without implementation, you cannot convey any of the teachings to others and, in addition, you will keep on accumulating the dust of the mind,” he said. In conclusion, he encouraged the audience by saying, “In order to measure up to God the Parent’s profound parental love that desires to save all people throughout the world, let us powerfully and spiritedly reach out to the world, as befits Arakitoryo, pioneers of the path.”

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