2006 English Class of Shuyoka: 21 Attend Three-Month Spiritual Development Course

The Joyous Life Lecture was conducted at six venues in Australia and New Zealand from March 1 through 12, attracting a total attendance of 142 people.

The 32nd English class of Shuyoka (the three-month Spiritual Development Course) began in the Home of the Parent on April 1 as part of the 780th session of Shuyoka, which has a total of 712 students (as of April 1). This year, there are 21 participants from eight countries: 7 from the United States (6 from the mainland and 1 from Hawaii), 6 from Kenya, 2 from the Philippines, 2 from Japan (one of whom is American and the other British), 1 each from the U.K., Australia, Canada, and Myanmar. Their instructors are Rev. Mark Mikio Hisao, head minister of Maui Church in Hawaii, and Rev. Lena Reiko Okada, wife of the head of Shimagahara Hawaii Mission Station located in Tenri.

Rev. Hisao serves as the homeroom instructor and teaches the classes on The Doctrine of Tenrikyo and the service dance, while Rev. Okada teaches the classes on The Life of Oyasama and the Mikagura-uta, The Songs for the Service.

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