Translation Conference Held

The English Translation Conference was held at the Mission Headquarters in America from March 3 to 6 under the sponsorship of the Translation Section of the Overseas Department. The purpose of this conference was to discuss and examine a translation of Ofudesaki Kogi (Lectures on the Ofudesaki)–authored by Yoshinaru Ueda–which is one of the translation projects currently underway at the Translation Section. Participants made valuable suggestions and comments at the conference, which not only contributed to improving the translation but also helped one another deepen their understanding of the original as well as the Ofudesaki. The conference was attended by Yoshinori Okahashi from the Translation Section; Yutaka Nomachi, Kunishige Ito, Jiro Morishita, Marlon Okazaki, Junjiro Nakatomi, Hiroko Okazaki, Takahiko Hayashi, and George Blesch from the U.S. mainland; and Melvin Iwata and Colin Saito from Hawaii.

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