Students Training Course Attracts 468 College Students

The College Division of the Students Training Course was held at the Home of the Parent from March 3 through 9. The weeklong training course provides the participants with opportunities to deepen their faith by learning and implementing the teachings together with fellow students, thereby raising their awareness of being the instruments of Oyasama for world salvation. This year, which marks the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama, a total of 468 university, junior college, and technical school students (261 males and 207 females) assembled from various parts of the country to share in the joy of faith. They were divided into 56 groups consisting of about nine students per group, each of which was led by a pair of group counselors, one male and one female, who had been trained in advance. The course was run by a total of 291 staff members. During the period, students attended a number of lectures, conducted group discussions, practiced the dance and the musical instruments for the service, and engaged in missionary work. On March 5, the Shinbashira and his wife observed the students’ participation in lectures, group discussions, and training programs. On March 7, the missionary work, which was the highlight of the entire course, was conducted in Osaka and Nara. On that day, the former Shinbashira visited those cities as well to observe the students spiritedly spreading the name of God the Parent and making roadside speeches. On March 8, 70 students attended the Besseki lectures, while the others did hinokishin around the Main Sanctuary. This was followed by faith experience speeches given by five students. On March 9, Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs Masahiko Iburi delivered a speech at the closing ceremony. He encouraged the students by saying: “This year, the year of the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama, we are to make a pledge before Oyasama to impart the teachings to as many people as possible. I would like all of you to always cherish the light of faith you have kindled in your hearts over the past week and your feeling of adoration for Oyasama.”

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