Season’s Greetings from the Shinbashira

Happy New Year!

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you for your devotion through your respective roles and positions to the work of single-hearted salvation during the concluding year for our pre-anniversary activities.

This new year is a significant year that will see the performance of the Oyasama 120th Anniversary Service.

I look forward to performing the Oyasama 120th Anniversary Service in unity of mind with all of you followers of the path who adore Oyasama, our beloved Parent.

Moreover, regarding this entire year as the year of Oyasama’s 120th Anniversary, let us follow the path of spiritual growth in high spirits by devoting our sincere efforts to sprinkling the fragrance of the teachings and engaging in salvation work so that we may respond to the parental love of Oyasama, who sought to hasten the spiritual growth of humankind, Her children, even by withdrawing from physical life.

New Year’s Day

Zenji Nakayama
The Shinbashira

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