Donation for Earthquake Victims in Pakistan

On November 17, the Overseas Department’s International Network for Mutual Help entrusted the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA) with three million yen toward the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the northern part of Pakistan devastated by the October 8 earthquake, which left over 70,000 people dead. Now, more than two months after the earthquake, strenuous restoration work is still underway to aid four million survivors including 1,700,000, who are compelled to live in temporary shelters with little protection against the severe winter weather. It is feared that the number of victims may increase due to poor sanitary conditions, the cold, and starvation.

The relief donation was delivered by Overseas Department Head Yoshiaki Mihama, who visited the headquarters of AMDA in Okayama Prefecture.

AMDA, an international non-profit organization focused on emergency relief activities, extended its active assistance to survivors immediately after the earthquake. It has already completed its emergency medical activities but plans to continue providing rehabilitation assistance for the afflicted area. The relief donation will be used to fund such activities.

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