Overseas Pilgrimage Groups Return to Jiba

Pilgrims from overseas participating in the Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba made an invaluable contribution to the children’s festival by adding an international flavor to it and offering an excellent opportunity to understand the teaching that all people are brothers and sisters as the equal children of God the Parent. According to the statistics compiled by the Overseas Department, the numbers of people from overseas who joined the pilgrimage were: 66 from North America (U.S. mainland and Canada); 23 from Hawaii; 2 from Australia; 245 from Taiwan; 81 from South Korea; 20 from Hong Kong; 21 from Thailand; 17 from the Philippines; 9 from Cambodia; 3 from the Chinese mainland; 12 from France; 7 from the Netherlands; 3 from the Russia; 2 from the United Kingdom; 22 from Brazil; 9 from Mexico; and 2 from Peru. In honor of these pilgrims, a welcome-back party was given on July 28 in the Overseas Department’s parking lot, providing a perfect opportunity for them to enjoy one another’s company.

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