International Cultural Seminar Inspires Pioneers of the Path

Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association Headquarters sponsored its International Cultural Seminar on April 26 at Moya 38. As “pioneers of the path,” the members of the Young Men’s Association embrace the task of inquiring into the teachings and spreading them to the world, and the overseas mission is, therefore, one of the association’s main goals. This seminar thus sought to heighten the members’ awareness of the overseas mission and provide them with an overview of the association’s activities being conducted abroad. The event drew 275 people, including 246 association members.

Association Headquarters Overseas Section Head Koichiro Miyata delivered the opening remarks. He then made a presentation on the association’s overseas activities and asked the association’s leaders and members for their understanding and cooperation.

A video on the association’s Human Resource Overseas Dispatch Program was shown to attract interest in the program as the association headquarters had just started recruiting efforts for its ninth group on the previous day. Next, Sanyo Chapter Member Nobuhiko Sakono, 29 years old, gave a speech to share his experiences in Yguaz Paraguay, where he had been dispatched for two years as a member of the seventh group. Also, to present the perspective of a chapter whose member was dispatched overseas through the program, Shikishima Chapter Chairman Yoshikazu Mukuno, 37 years old, talked about his chapter’s efforts and involvement.

Then, Rev. Keigo Morishita, head of Tenrikyo New York Center, gave a lecture entitled “The Joy of the Overseas Mission.” He said: “The overseas mission is not about doing something unusual or special. The only difference from the mission in Japan is that you must convey the teachings and the intention of God the Parent in the language used in that country.” Then he added: “Considering the difficulties involved, it is important to have the drive and determination to spread the teachings instead of just going through the motions of sprinkling the fragrance of the teachings. In order to be shown a wondrous outcome in foreign countries, you must take action with determination. You must resolve your mind to carve out a path in any and every conceivable situation.” Then he shared his experiences in carrying out salvation work in the United States over the course of 47 years. He stressed the importance of the service and the Sazuke as well as making contributions.

Rev. Morishita is still an active Judoka at age 83 and takes pride in being an active Arakitoryo, a pioneer of the path. He ended his lecture by encouraging the audience: “In this concluding year for our pre-anniversary activities, I urge all of you to maintain a firm resolution in your everyday life. Let us be ever more spirited!”

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