Overseas Department Seminar Draws 172 Participants

Following the Oyasama Birth Celebration Service on April 18 and the annual Women’s Association Convention on April 19, the Overseas Department Seminar, intended primarily for church head ministers, fellowship heads, and their spouses from overseas countries, was held on April 20 at the Tenri University Furusato Assembly Hall. The event attracted 172 participants from eight overseas countries and regions.

The seminar commenced with an opening address delivered by Overseas Department Head Yoshiaki Mihama. “Now is the season for us to grow spiritually by nearing the intention of the Parent,” he said. “During this final year of our pre-anniversary activities leading up to the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama, which is almost around the corner, I hope that you will be able to redouble your spiritedness through this seminar.”

After Rev. Mihama’s address, the seminar presented a video entitled “A Busy Waterwheel Never Freezes,” which was produced in a documentary-like fashion by the Overseas Department. The story described a follower’s strenuous efforts to overcome his leg disability and respond to his mother’s strict but loving care in raising him, and it told how he went on to establish a church.

Following the video presentation, a lecture entitled “The Mind of Oyasama and the Mind of a Parent” was given by Rev. Shinichiro Miyazaki, who is the head minister of Tenrikyo Umemitsu Branch Church as well as a certified clinical psychologist. He illustrated how to exercise the freedom of the mind to perceive God the Parent’s constant providence in all occurrences we encounter in our lives. He shared his firsthand perspective based on his experiences, which included his consultation and advice to a couple who had been troubled by their son’s problem behavior. Both the video and the lecture were simultaneously interpreted into English, Korean, French, Portuguese, and Taiwanese.

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