Tenri Forum 2006 to Be Held in the Home of the Parent during the Year of the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama

Tenrikyo Overseas Department has announced that “Tenri Forum 2006: New Frontiers in the Mission” will be held between July 15 and 17 next year at the Home of the Parent. This forum, which will be conducted in English, is going to be one of the activities that commemorate the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama. The basic information released by Tenri Forum 2006 Steering Committee is as follows:

Tenri Forum 2006: New Frontiers in the Mission

Tenri Forum 2006 aims at bringing to the Home of the Parent those individuals who engage in the Tenrikyo mission worldwide, to develop fruitful English discussions from various perspectives on real issues and problems encountered within contemporary society by those engaged in the mission, and to ground such discussion within Tenrikyo’s fundamental resources in the hopes to search for and employ more effective means to reflect the ultimate teaching to society at large.

Time and Place
15 July (Sat) through 17 July (Mon) 2006 at the Home of the Parent A Church Headquarters’ facility shall be used as the Forum’s venue.

Program Format
The Forum consists of five different unit sessions and a symposium. Each unit session begins with a plenary address with section meetings following thereafter. Participants shall choose a section meeting of their choice through a pre-registration process. These section meetings, which are the heart of the Forum’s program, shall take place with a strong emphasis on discussion. Presentation, panel, and workshop styles are also characteristics of the over twenty-five section meetings. The Forum’s symposium, which will be held on the afternoon of the third day, is the only session open to the general public (registration not necessary) and shall consist of special lectures and a panel discussion. (Also refer to the Program.)

Simultaneous interpretation for the Forum’s symposium will be provided in Japanese since it is open to the general public.

Tenrikyo followers who are seventeen years of age and older are eligible to participate in the Forum. Regardless of nationalities and present addresses, participants are required to have a fair command of the English language enabling them to understand the presentations and discussions. As a basic rule, participants are expected to attend all sessions during the three-day period.

Registration Fees
3,000 yen
This donation covers lodging at a designated lodging facility and meals for the duration of the Forum. No fees will be collected from those attending only the Forum’s symposium.

Sponsorship and Steering Committee
Tenrikyo Overseas Department
Tenri Forum 2006 Steering Committee has been formed under the jurisdiction of the Department so as to oversee the actual management of the Forum.

Lodging for Participants
Participants are expected to stay at a designated Church Headquarters’ lodging facility for the duration of the Forum.

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