Brazil Chapter of Women’s Association: President Harue Nakayama Attends 50th Anniversary Convention

On July 10, the Brazil Chapter of the Women’s Association held a convention commemorating its 50th anniversary at the Mission Headquarters in Brazil. Honored by the presence of Women’s Association President Harue Nakayama, the convention drew approximately 3,000 people from all parts of Brazil as well as from other countries.

On the basis of discussions held since last August, the Brazil Chapter recognized the need for all its members to keep pace with one another in preparation for the convention. With this end in mind, the 23 committee members paired up to make visits to 58 churches and mission stations in the diocese from last October through April this year, thereby seeking to ensure a thorough understanding of the purpose of the convention. Furthermore, in January this year, a poster was made and distributed to every church and mission station in order to promote the slogans “Let all members join together in welcoming the Women’s Association President” and “Let all young women over the age of 16 attend the commemorative convention.”

On the day of the convention, buses and cars filled with the association members and other followers arrived at the mission headquarters one after another from early in the morning, and soon there was an array of as many as 260 vehicles in the parking lots. Among them were those from Belem, a city located in the Amazon Delta, Recife; a city on the Brazil’s east coast; as well as Paraguay, a neighboring country. Some even made bus journeys that required about 60 hours.

In the afternoon, the convention began at 3:00 P.M. with the singing of the Eight Verses of the Yorozuyo. Women’s Association President Nakayama then took the podium to deliver an address. She touched on the sermon delivered by the Shinbashira at the Spring Grand Service this year by quoting his words, “Single-hearted salvation is indeed the intention of the Parent embodied in the day of origin of the Teaching.” She went on to say, “Given that the parental heart single-heartedly desires to save all humankind, it is important for those of us who have faith in the Parent’s teachings and are following this path to remind ourselves at all times to maintain the mind of saving others by taking that parental heart as our own.” She continued, “Let us implement our activity guidelines so that we may give full play to the qualities with which God the Parent has endowed each of us women, fulfill our role as the foundation that supports everything, and thereby follow the path of the Divine Model with simple openness.”

Following Bishop Yuji Murata’s congratulatory address, Mrs. Yuko Murata, chairwoman of the Brazil Chapter of the Women’s Association, delivered her address and made a resolution on behalf of all the members. After reviewing the 50-year history of the Brazil Chapter, she concluded by saying, “Let us take full advantage of our attributes as women of the path, so that many more followers will return to Jiba for the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama and thereby bring joy to the everliving Oyasama.” All the participants then joined together in singing the “Tenrikyo Women’s Association Song” and the “Oyasama 120th Anniversary Song.” Food booths and a variety of entertainment on stages were provided after the evening service.

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