Oyasato Seminar Alumni Reunion Held in Hawaii

On May 29, a gathering celebrating the 20th anniversary of Oyasato Seminar was held in Honolulu, Hawaii, for local alumni who were unable to attend the 20th anniversary event held in Las Vegas last February. Sponsored by the executive committee comprising some alumni and former Oyasato Seminar counselors, the gathering drew 32 participants.

After the prayer service was performed at the Mission Headquarters of Hawaii at 9:30 a.m., the event started with a keynote speech under the theme, “Spirit of Faith and Friendship Gained at Oyasato Seminar,” which was delivered by a counselor of the second-year class, Rev. Robert Kokuryo, head minster of Granville Church. In his speech, he reflected upon what he had learned from the seminar as a counselor and recounted cherished memories.

This was followed by group discussions, during which the participants discussed the most memorable experiences that they had during the seminar, such as their receipt of the truth of the Sazuke. In the afternoon, Moses Nakao from the 15th-year class gave a speech in which he shared with the audience his own experience of having brought himself to administer the Sazuke to his friends who did not know the teachings in his college days, as well as energetically encouraged the participants to follow the path as Yoboku with confidence and pride. A group discussion then took place where the participants talked about how they as Oyasato Seminar alumni would be able to promote their activities, and later each group made a presentation on what had been discussed.

In the evening, a dinner reception was held at a local hotel, which was attended by 75 people including Bishop Michihito Hamada of the Mission Headquarters of Hawaii and members of the board of directors. Presented during the reception were a documentary video produced by the Overseas Department and a video recording of the address that Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs Masahiko Iburi had delivered at the anniversary event in Las Vegas.

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