Tenrikyo Mission Center in the Philippines Marks Its 30th Anniversary

On November 5, Tenrikyo Mission Center in the Philippines held a service commemorating the 30th anniversary of its founding. With Overseas Department Head Zenkichi Tanaka attending as a guest of honor, 142 people gathered for the occasion from across the country. In preparation for the anniversary, local followers had encouraged one another to engage in salvation work each day by doing whatever they could do. They had also made efforts to promote missionary activities in the country.

After the commemorative service, Rev. Tanaka delivered a sermon, in which he said: “Tenrikyo’s mission centers and the like located around the world should be places where local Yoboku and followers can join together in deepening their understanding of Oyasama’s teachings and making progress in their spiritual growth through helping and encouraging one another, regardless of their church affiliation. In addition, those mission facilities should serve as training centers for single-hearted salvation, training centers that help convey the teachings to the next generation.” He then said, “I sincerely hope that all of you who are connected to the Mission Center in the Philippines will unite your minds as one and make further progress in the activities of this center for single-hearted salvation, nurturing and increasing Yoboku.”

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