Europe Young People’s Convention Held in France

The Europe Young People’s Convention was held at Tenrikyo Europe Centre in Antony, France, between August 29 and 31. The convention was organized in response to the Seminar for Successors held at the Home of the Parent, the Overseas Seminar for Successors held at 17 overseas venues, and the Young Women’s Conventions held regionally. Intended to bring young followers in Europe closer together, the convention helped participants deepen their understanding of the teachings and get to know one another better. A total of 35 participants from France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Spain attended the convention.

The convention program included discussions about the teachings, practice sessions of the Dance with Hand Movements and the musical instruments for the service, group work, lectures, and presentations by participants.

On the morning of the second day, Mrs. Kay Morishita, the wife of the head minister of Brotherhood Church in Los Angeles, gave a speech titled “Big Joys from a Small Yoboku.” She shared with the audience her active involvement in community work and her implementation of the teachings in daily life. She is one of the leaders of a community organization that, with the collaboration of police officers, city council members, and community leaders, works hard toward solving problems that have plagued the neighborhood. She also emphasized the important role that her church plays in the local community, bringing hope, joy, and stability to the congregation and, more importantly, to those who live in the neighborhood.

On that afternoon, Young Men’s Association Europe chapter held the “Gathering for Tenri Young Men: Unity and Progress.” Europe Chapter Chairman Masato Fujiwara, who resides in Lyon, France, gave a talk. Following a video presentation, Mr. Naomi Kasai, Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association Headquarters committee member, gave a lecture for the occasion.

For group work, participants were divided into three language groups: French, English, and Japanese. Each group discussed various questions that were raised by participants. Although the group work was conducted in the languages that participants felt the most comfortable with, the presentations based on group work were given in English. Some of the presentation titles were as follows: “If the root of illness is in the mind, why do medicines work?” and “When you are very angry, how do you settle your mind?”

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