TENRI HIGH AND JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS: New Gymnasium and School Gate Completed

On August 30, Tenri High and Junior High Schools, which both trace their origins to Tenri Seminary, held a joint ceremony–honored by the presence of the Shinbashira and the former Shinbashira–to celebrate the completion of two construction projects that had been underway since last August in anticipation of the schools’ 100th anniversary, which is to be celebrated on September 21.

Tenri High School

The high school constructed a multi-purpose gymnasium to replace its aging Gymnasium #2 as part of the school’s 100th anniversary projects. The new gymnasium has approximately 6,612 square meters (71,170 sq. ft.) of gross floor area, housing a judo dojo, kendo dojo, and weight room on the first floor; club rooms on the first and second floors; and an assembly hall on the third floor–which is large enough that all students can practice the service dance together there.

On the day of the ceremony, the participants welcomed the Shinbashira and the former Shinbashira at the school, following the performance of a thanksgiving service in the South Worship Hall. The Shinbashira first cut the ribbon at the entrance to mark the official opening of the new gymnasium and made the rounds to see the interior of the building.

This was followed by a speech by Principal Shigehiko Iburi. He said: “Tenri High School bears the great responsibility of nurturing successors of the path, which is to say, human resources who will work in accordance with the intention of the Parent. I believe that the new gymnasium will serve as a dojo [training center] that will help us fulfill this goal. With this thought always in mind, I promise to convey the name of ‘Tenri’ throughout the country.”

Then the Shinbashira addressed the attendees, saying: “I hope that this splendid, well-equipped gymnasium will enable students to work hard at training and obtain satisfactory results in their club activities. Also, I would like them to not only train themselves physically, but also nurture their mind so as to be able to accord with the original intention in founding the school.”

Tenri Junior High School

At the junior high school, its front gate has been renewed and enhanced as part of the anniversary projects. Its gateposts–which have a height of four meters (13.1 ft.)–were from the previous school building that used to stand in Mishima near Church Headquarters. The new signboard put up on one of them reads “Tenri Junior High School”–written by the Shinbashira. Principle Mitsunori Toi said: “The intention in using the old gateposts is to return to the original purpose of the founding of the school, which is to ‘develop and nurture human resources who will strive for the construction of the Joyous Life World.'”

At the ceremony, the Shinbashira cut the ribbon and, right after going through the gate, he stopped to inspect a stone monument on the left. The monument was newly installed last July to commemorate the graduation of the last year’s third-year students. The school’s motto–“Early rising, honesty, and work”–is engraved on the three-ton stone, which was donated by a follower as an addition to accompany the new gate.

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