Tenrikyo Ichiretsukai Foundation Marks 75th Anniversary in the Presence of the Shinbashira

On October 18, a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the establishment of Tenrikyo Ichiretsukai Foundation was conducted in the presence of the Shinbashira. This foundation originated from the profound intention of the second Shinbashira, the purpose of its establishment being to free the parents who are engaged in missionary work from anxiety over their children’s education. Reflecting on the origin of the Ichiretsukai Foundation, 2,828 participants–including past and present recipients of the scholarship–joined together to make a decisive resolve to accelerate their spiritual growth.

At the ceremony, held in Tenri University’s Gym #1, the Shinbashira explained that the significance of the 75th anniversary was to reflect on the Ichiretsukai’s day of origin, reaffirm the original purpose of the foundation, and pledge to convey these to the next generation without error. Referring to the second Shinbashira’s intention in establishing the foundation and the circumstances during the days when the foundation was established, he reminded the listeners that the purpose of this foundation lies not merely in awarding scholarships and fostering the education of children but also in rearing them in such a way that their virtues and talents, received from God the Parent, will be developed to the fullest and support their endeavor to lead the Joyous Life.

He expressed his hope that, although some might take the scholarship for granted saying their parents are making arduous efforts to spread the teachings in the vanguard of world salvation, all recipients would take this opportunity to recall the original concept for the foundation and the wishes of its supporters. He concluded by saying that, while he wished all of the students to engage in salvation work actively in the future, he also wanted them as students to study hard and develop themselves through sports.

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