Tenrikyo Representatives Participate in the Assembly of Prayer for Peace, Held in Okinawa

On August 15, the 13th Assembly of Prayer for Peace was conducted at the Peace Memorial Hall in Mabuni, Okinawa, with the participation of approximately 600 representatives from 15 religious organizations including Tenrikyo. This assembly, held annually since 1991, pays tribute to the memory of war victims and prays for the realization of everlasting peace.

Some 50 Tenrikyo followers including Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs Masahiko Iburi and his wife as well as Okinawa Diocese Superintendent Kunizo Yamaguchi attended the assembly.

In the ceremony, eight children, including Taketo Nakayama, a fifth grade student who belongs to Naha Branch Church, made a pledge on behalf of all Okinawa school children, in which they prayed for peace and harmony throughout the world. Rev. Iburi and his wife as well as Rev. Yamaguchi, representing Tenrikyo, also offered flowers.

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