The Shinbashira Cup Tenri International Hockey Tournament Promotes Goodwill

The Shinbashira Cup Tenri International Hockey Tournament was held between August 26 and 30 at Oyasato Hockey Stadium under the sponsorship of Tenri University Hockey Club and the club’s alumni association. Organized as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Tenri University Hockey Club, this tournament drew six powerful teams from Australia, India, and South Korea–which are among the top-ranking countries in international hockey–as well as Tenri University’s current and alumni teams. Besides playing high-standard hockey with their sights on the Shinbashira Cup, the participating teams expanded their friendships and promoted international goodwill.

Tenri University Hockey Club was established in 1954 with its men’s team. The women’s team was created in 1977. Starting with its first men’s national collegiate title in 1966, the university has over the years won more than 100 national titles, men’s and women’s included. The club has also produced many national team members and outstanding hockey coaches.

The men’s teams from overseas were Western Australia Team, Kang-wong University Team, and Kyong-buk Physical Education Association Team. The women’s teams included All-Australia Team, Junior Indian Hockey Team, and Kyong-hi University Team.

The Shinbashira attended the opening ceremony, the reception, and the match between Tenri University women’s team and Tenri’s alumnae team. In his speech at the reception, he said of the significance of this tournament: “It would give me the greatest pleasure, indeed, if this tournament, through the sport of hockey, could deepen friendships and promote goodwill by transcending the ethnic and national boundaries and, thereby, make a contribution, however slight, to mutual understanding, which would lead to the Joyous Life of all humankind.”

The men’s final was between Tenri University and Western Australia. Western Australia was the first to score a goal, but Tenri quickly came from behind and won 4-2. The women’s final was closely contested between All Australia and Tenri University. Tenri led the game 3-1 until halfway through the second half, but All Australia caught up just before the second half was over and scored another goal in extra time to win the game.

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