NEW PUBLICATION: Faith-Based Management

Tenrikyo Overseas Department has published a new volume, Faith-Based Management. The new book is a translation of Toku o tsumu keiei published by Doyusha Publishing Company. The author is Shigeharu Komai, who was the president as well as the chairman of Duskin Co., Ltd., a leading company in Japan that runs a variety of businesses including Mister Donut.

This text is not intended to introduce, discuss, or give a full account of faith in Tenrikyo. Rather, it describes how the author put his faith into practice and applied aspects of the teachings to business management. Thus the author stresses “Application of Faith into Business” while turning these aspects into the basic principles of business management. The author’s effort to apply religious values to traditional ideas about management enables him to provide readers with new perspectives. In this respect, readers may find this text to be a practical guidebook of faith.

The chapter titles are: “Business Management that Emphasizes ‘Virtue’ over ‘Technical Improvement'”; “Ten Virtues for Becoming Joyous and Spirited”; “Being Protected by the Virtue of My Parents”; “For the Sake of Personal Growth”; and “Practical Teachings for Daily Living.”

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