Oyasato Seminar’s Course II Helps High Schoolers Connect with Local Congregations

Oyasato Seminar’s Course II was held in December in both mission headquarters in the U.S. mainland and Hawaii–from the 22nd to the 25th and from the 26th to the 29th, respectively. The course drew 12 students at the former venue and five at the latter. From the Overseas Department, Kunihito Fumioka was sent to the mainland course and Atsuko Omukai to the Hawaii course as guest staff members. Together with local staff members, they led the students in taking part in the activities.

The goals for Course II are: “Learn about the local congregation and get to know the people at the mission headquarters” and “Become able to engage in community-based activities upon graduating from Oyasato Seminar.” With that in mind, the students attended lectures on such topics as “history of the mission headquarters,” “the service,” and “the Sazuke,” delivered by local church head ministers, as well as participated in musical instruments and service dance practice conducted by the staff members of the mission headquarters and Women’s Association members. Further, they visited senior citizens’ homes to sing songs and perform rice-cake-pounding during an exchange.

The mainland course participants went to Gardena, a nearby city, to sprinkle the fragrance of the teachings together with missionaries from America Missionary House as well as former Overseas Department staff member Junjiro Nakatomi. Moreover, they had an exchange program with Seminar Alumni. They listened to advice from alumni concerning Course III, which is to be held in the upcoming summer.

The Hawaii course students also went out to sprinkle the fragrance of the teachings in an area that the students are familiar with. Furthermore, they were able to have discussions with the Bishop.

Students participated in all activities with enthusiasm, deepened their friendship, and promised each other to participate in Course III next summer.

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