TLI Students Sprinkle the Fragrance of the Teachings

Oyasato Fusekomi Department of Tenrikyo Language Institute, in which students study Japanese while learning and implementing the teachings, conducted its monthly practice of sprinkling the fragrance of the teachings on January 11 in Yamato-Koriyama, a neighboring city of Tenri. A total of 21 students from seven countries and regions participated.

The monthly practice is organized to train students so that they may be able to sprinkle the fragrance of the teachings after they return to their home countries in the future. Department Head Kozo Fukui said: “This is a seasonable time when we are beginning our activities for the ‘three years, one thousand days’ season leading up to the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama. Thus, I encouraged the students to get into the spirit of the season and to put more effort into sprinkling the fragrance of the teachings.”

At ten o’clock in the morning, the students divided into eight groups and headed to the areas they had been assigned to. The sky was clear but the temperature was quite low on that day. Nevertheless, they knocked on doors in high spirits, sprinkling the fragrance of the teachings.

At two o’clock, they finished their practice and returned to Koriyama Grand Church, where they spent 40 minutes discussing their experiences during the practice.

Department Head Fukui commented: “Students who were hesitant about ringing the doorbell in April are now able to sprinkle the fragrance of the teachings with confidence. I think that monthly practice has enabled them to gain such confidence.”

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