Seminar for Probation Officers Held in Oyasato

On September 29, a seminar for probation officers was held at Tenri Yotokuin Children’s Home with an attendance of 45 officers. Tenrikyo Probation Officers Federation holds this annual seminar in Oyasato, the Home of the Parent, in order to provide probation officers with an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions regarding how they can most effectively utilize their skills as Yoboku while serving as probation officers.

The seminar began with an opening address by Federation Chairman Kazuhiro Tsuji, who said, “As members of the Federation and also as Yoboku, let us exert ourselves to convey the teachings to the world in preparation for the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama.”

Executive Director Hideyuki Horikawa of Nara Prefecture Crime-Prevention Association then delivered a lecture entitled, “Recent Trends in Crime-Prevention.” He first touched on the rising incidence of crime in Japan, by saying, “The number of crimes occurring in Japan has increased by roughly one million over the past ten years.” He attributed the rise in crime to the environment both in the home and at school as well as to the prolonged stagnation of Japan’s economy.

Mr. Horikawa was a police officer with the Nara Prefectural Police for 35 years. Based on his own experience, he described the recent trends in crimes. “A crime occurs,” he said, “only when police officers or volunteer watchers are absent from the scene where criminals and victims are by themselves.” As concrete means to help prevent crimes, he suggested, “What we can do is to try to avoid becoming a victim and to make an effort to be a capable watcher.” He went on to say, “In this regard, I think that your contribution to society is necessary now more than ever.”

After the lecture, a group discussion was conducted to enable the participants to exchange opinions based on their own experiences.

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