On the “knot” that arose on the evening of July 26: Need for critical self-reflection

On July 26, at about 6:20 p.m., an individual intruded into the Inner Sanctuary at Church Headquarters and knocked down the upper sections of the Kanrodai.

The evening service on that day was performed at the scheduled time.

Following the evening service, a meeting of Honbu-in (Church Headquarters executive officials) was convened. The Shinbashira addressed the meeting, and subsequently the participants discussed the “knot.”

We have been shown a major “knot” on the Kanrodai. I am filled with remorse toward God the Parent, who resides at Jiba, as well as the everliving Oyasama.

It happened on the day of the Monthly Service at Church Headquarters—which was also the first day of the Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba. As I am serving near Jiba, I would like to express my deepest apologies for the sense of disturbance and disquiet that this incident has caused the pilgrims returning to Jiba.

God the Parent, Oyasama, and Jiba are one in truth. The Kanrodai, which is placed at Jiba, is the focal point for our faith. Since we were shown the “knot” upon the Kanrodai, I believe that God the Parent is strongly urging us to reflect on whether our attitude of faith is really in accord with the intention of God the Parent.

I believe that we all need to reaffirm whether we have the spirit of single-heartedness with Jiba and single-heartedness with God. Being single-hearted with God means bringing our thoughts into accord with the teachings; it does not refer to interpreting God’s teachings to suit our own ideas. Let us once again settle this point in our mind.

At present, only the bottom two sections of the Kanrodai remain in the Inner Sanctuary. In 1881, the construction of the stone Kanrodai came to a halt after the completion of two bottom sections, which were confiscated in the following year. Yet, our predecessors made strenuous efforts to follow the path and left us the splendid path that we are following today.

As I reflected upon these things, I felt compelled to ask myself whether I might not have taken it for granted that I was able to physically see the Kanrodai and perform the service with the Kanrodai as the focal point. I reflected critically on whether I might have been just going through the motions of faith.

I realize that, first and foremost, those of us serving at Church Headquarters need to settle our minds once again, inquire into the intention of God the Parent with utmost seriousness, and ensure that we serve in full accord with the divine intention.

I hope that those of you who are Yoboku and followers will also accept the “knot” as your own concern and take it as an opportunity to work to nurture your minds so that you can bring peace of mind to God the Parent, who is the true Parent of all human beings. Let us work together to make sure that we can have buds sprout from this “knot.”

Director-in-Chief of Religious Affairs
Hiroaki Yamazawa

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